Salt Pools

The Basics of Saltwater Pools

In order to have a salt pool, you must have a piece of pool equipment called a salt chlorine generator (also called an electronic chlorine generator).

I have a regular chlorine pool; can I switch to a saltwater pool?

Yes, if you already own a regularly chlorinated swimming pool, you can easily make the switch to a salt pool. To make your transition easy, you only need two new components added to your pool - a salt cell and a control unit. These two components make up a electronic chlorine generator. The salt cell will be attached to the pipes between your pool filter and water outlet and the control unit will allow you to control and monitor the salt cell.

Once your pool is equipped with a chlorine generator, it will produce its own pool chlorine from a small amount of pool salt that is dissolved into the pool water to provide for the pool’s sanitizing needs. A salt-chlorine generator uses the simple process of electrolysis in combination with the water to separate the chlorine and sodium molecules and then reintroduces them into the pool.

Salt Pool Facts:

How to increase salt content in your pool:

Please check with your salt chlorine generator's specific manufacturer's recommendations and adjust the salt level accordingly.

Salinity Salt Pool Products, available at your local Pinch A Penny store, are specially formulated for salt pools.

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