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The Ins And Outs Of Above-Ground Swimming Pool Care

The basic rules that apply to water chemistry for in-ground pools apply to your above-ground pool. The water must stay balanced, you need to follow the ABC program to keep your pool its clearest and healthiest, and you should keep it free from debris. The biggest difference between caring for an above-ground vs. an in-ground pool is in the tools you use.

above-ground swimming pool


above-ground automatic pool cleanersLet's start from the ground up with the liner. The thicker the liner, the more resistant it is to being punctured by stones, pool toys and general use. Above-ground pool liners come in all different shapes, sizes and patterns, including tile mosaics, marble looks and more. Be sure to ask your Pinch A Penny expert to help you choose the right replacement liner when the time comes.

Equip yourself with the right products, designed exclusively for above-ground pools.

For instance, just as you would never use a steel brush on a vinyl liner, you also shouldn't expect an in-ground automatic pool cleaner to work in your above-ground pool.

above-ground swimming pool pumps and filters Pinch A Penny carries a complete line of automatic pool cleaners for above-ground pools.

Covers, blankets, blanket reels, pumps, motors, filters and skimmers are also specifically designed for above-ground pools to help extend the life of both your liner and your pool. Even gas heating systems can be purchased so you can enjoy year-round swimming, but are much smaller than those you would use for an in-ground pool.

above-ground pool steps and ladders In addition, there are a myriad of entry systems to choose from, including in-pool steps, removable safety ladders and ladders that attach to decks. With the proper equipment, accessories, and maintenance routine, your above-ground pool will provide many years of enjoyment.


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