Above Ground Pool, Heritage Series Oval

Above Ground Pool, Heritage Series Oval
Item # Item Description Price
11864089 12x24 Oval Hertiage 52" Pool w/Rock Island Liner
11864097 Heritage 15x30 Oval 52" Pool W/Rock Island Liner
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Heritage Series Oval Above Ground Pool with Rock Island Liner

Take a vacation every day in your own backyard!

Enjoy the relaxing fun of your very own above ground pool.  The Heritage Above Ground Pool has extruded resin top ledge for superior corrosion resistance. Using an interlocking steel stabilizer at the top of the wall combined with a hardware-free ‘’snap in’’ resin bottom cuff ensures a stronger, faster installation with superior stability.

  • Height: 52"

  • Structure Color: Pewter Grey

  • Top Ledge: 7" Resin

  • Upright: 5.5"

  • Bottom Rail: Steel

  • Bottom Plate: Resin

  • Liner: Rock Island Liner

  • Warranty: 100% (2 years), Limited (40 years)