Alkalinity Increaser

Alkalinity Increaser
Item # Item Description Price Qty
00961078 5lb Total Alkalinity Pouch/Bag Pool Water Balance $9.99
00961094 10lb Total Alkalinity Pouch/Bag Pool Water Balance $18.99
00999227 25lb Box Total Alkalinity Pool Water Balance $29.99

Suncoast Total Alkalinity

Suncoast Total Alkalinity raises the total alkalinity in swimming pool water. This product boosts the effectiveness of your pool water disinfectant, such as pool chlorine, as well as aids in the prevention of pool scale formation, metal corrosion, and etching of pool surfaces. Suncoast Total Alkalinity helps maintain pool pH level and eliminates pH "bounce."

Suncoast Total Alkalinity is easy to use and dissolves quickly.

Test for total alkalinity with a reliable pool test kit. The desired range for total alkalinity is as follows:

  • Fiberglass pools: 70-100 ppm (parts per million)

  • Marcite, painted, tile, or exposed aggregate pools: 80-120 ppm

  • Vinyl pools: 120-140 ppm

If the total alkalinity is less than the desired range, add Suncoast Total Alkalinity directly to the pool water, while the pool pump is in operation, in accordance with the table below.

total alkalinity chart