Automatic Pool Water Leveler

Automatic Pool Water Leveler
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55310015 Pool Keeper Automatic Water Leveler

PoolKeeper® Water Leveler

Automatic Water Leveler for Pools

Automatically maintains pool water at present level!

Pools lose water for any number of reasons if there's no water leveler: Evaporation from sun and wind, active swimmers splashing water from the pool and carrying water with them when they emerge, or a minor swimming pool leak. If pool water drops below the skimmer and causes the pool pump to run dry, serious damage to the pump motor can occur.

Because of this, pool owners without water levelers must constantly check water levels, turn on the hose to fill the pool, and then worry about turning it off before overfilling. The PoolKeeper water leveler solves that problem!

The PoolKeeper automatic water leveler for pools automatically maintains pool water at the present level. It's small and easy to use - just attach it to a good-quality garden hose and make two simple connections. Place the PoolKeeper water leveler at poolside (no "ballast" needed) and turn on the water.

The PoolKeeper water leveler gives pool owners peace of mind that may only be equaled by having an attendant check pool water levels frequently!

Features of the PoolKeeper water leveler:

  • Automatically maintains pool water level

  • Operates with a standard garden hose

  • Depth adjustable to preferred pool water level

  • Helps prevent pool pump motor damage from burn-out due to lack of water flow

  • Less than half the size of similar automatic water levelers

  • Easy to install; installs in minutes with no tools needed, no rocks or sand needed for stabilizing, no plumbers or electricians to hire, and no structural modifications necessary

  • Ideal for use when travel or a busy lifestyle prevents checking pool water levels frequently

  • Portable - easily moved to different locations around the pool

  • Above swimming pool deck: 1.5" height, 6 3/8" width, 16 5/8" length

  • Weight: 3.3 lbs.

  • Limited one-year manufacturer's warranty