Baracuda 1500 Above Ground Pool Cleaner

Baracuda 1500 Above Ground Pool Cleaner
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52520210 Baracuda 1500 Abv Grnd Automatic Pool Cleaner

Above Ground Pool Cleaner

Baracuda 1500 Above Ground Pool Cleaner 

Make Pool Maintenance Easy with this Suction Pool Cleaner!

Baracuda® 1500 Suction Automatic Above Ground Pool Cleaners make pool maintenance a breeze!  Simply connect this pool vacuum to your through-the-wall pool skimmer in the same way you would hook up a manual vacuum system and let the Baracuda do the work for you!  The perfect pool cleaner for above ground pools, the Baracuda 1500 offers these features:

  • Extremely easy to hook up and use; comes pre-assembled - just attach the hose, drop this pool cleaner into the pool, and connect it to your skimmer

  • Includes 30 ft. of hose

  • Efficiently cleans any above ground pool, including pools with dished-out bottoms up to six inches deep

  • Cleans around your above ground pool's cove / edge

  • Very quiet operation, with no annoying "hammer" or "flapper" noise commonly associated with above ground pool cleaners

  • Unique deflector wheel helps prevent this pool cleaner from getting caught in steps, ladders, and corners

  • Only one moving part, which lasts for years, for easy maintenance

  • Uses the same revolutionary technology Baracuda uses for its legendary inground automatic pool cleaners

  • One-year warranty against all manufacturer's defects and wear & tear, including the pool cleaner's hoses