Cartridge Filter Cleaning Tool

Cartridge Filter Cleaning Tool
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18050013 Filter Flosser Pool & Spa Cartridge Filter Cleaner

Filter Flosser Cartridge Filter Cleaning Tool

The Best Spa & Pool Filter Cleaning Tool!

Cleans Filter Cartridges Three Ways: Horizontal, Vertical, & Converged

The Filter Flosser Pool Filter Cartridge Cleaning Tool is damage-free and will preserve your pool filter's life! 50% less time...50% less water...50% less labor! The Filter Flosser Pool Cartridge Filter Cleaner gets deep-down to the back of your cartridge pool filter's pleats for a deep-down clean.

The Filter Flosser Spa & Pool Cartridge Filter Cleaning Tool provides a powerful, evenly dispersed spray that gets in between the pleats of your cartridge pool filter. The Filter Flosser Spa and Pool Cartridge Filter Cleaning Tool acts like a waterpik and also generates water and air agitation action that works out the dirt deposits deep down in your pool filter cartridge.

The Filter Flosser Spa & Pool Filter Cartridge Cleaning Tool works on all major spa and pool filters and uses a standard garden hose to provide three-way cleaning action: Horizontal, Vertical, and Converged, so you get a super-clean filter for a sparkling pool or spa.The Filter Flosser Spa & Pool Cartridge Filter Cleaner is made of 100% durable aluminum for many years of service.

The Filter Flosser Cartridge Pool Filter Cleaner is a heavy-duty, all-metal cleaner that will do a better job and use less water than any so-called similar plastic cleaning attachment on the market!