Century Small Frame 2 Speed Pump Motor

Century Small Frame 2 Speed Pump Motor
Item # Item Description Price Qty
08620569 1 HP 2 Speed Flex 48 Sm Frame Threaded Spa Motor

Two-Speed Spa Pump Motor

Century Small-Frame 1 hp Motor

Introducing the spa pump motor that saves you up to 58% on your spa maintenance electricity costs!

This 48-frame 2-speed motor is a perfect replacement for spa and hot tub two-speed pumps. It features:

  • Round, flange-threaded shaft

  • Aluminum end frame

  • High-quality bearings

  • Two-compartment canopy design

  • Saves up to 58% on spa maintenance electricity costs over single-speed spa pump motors

Note: To use the two-speed function on this pool pump motor automatically (without a manual switch), you will need a pool timer when upgrading from a single-speed motor.

For assistance in selecting a pool pump motor, please visit your nearest Pinch A Penny.