Chlorine Sticks, Premium 8 Oz

Chlorine Sticks, Premium 8 Oz
Item # Item Description Price Qty
00931519 10 lb Pail Sticks Pool Chlorine $51.99
00920884 25 lb Pail Sticks Pool Chlorine $99.99
00920934 50 lb Pail Sticks Pool Chlorine $159.99

Chlorine Sticks

Suncoast Chlorine Sticks - 8 ounces each

These chlorine sticks are top-quality, premium chlorine sticks that provide 90% available chlorine - perfect for the heat and humidity experienced by Florida pools. They are the strongest, freshest chlorine sticks at the best price on the market!  

Features of these stabilized chlorine sticks:

  • Contain the highest percentage of active chlorine available on the market

  • 99% active ingredient (Trichloro-S-Triazinetrione), 90% available chlorine (trichlor)

  • Dissolve slowly and completely to maintain the proper free available chlorine levels that keep your Florida pool healthiest

  • UV-protected for extended chlorine life

  • Easy and convenient: Place one or two chlorine sticks each week in a chlorine feeder

  • Packaged in a Life Latch® bucket with a child-resistant, senior-friendly lid