Chlorine Tablets for Pools, Value Chlor 3" Chlorine Tablets

Chlorine Tablets for Pools, Value Chlor 3in. Chlorine Tablets
Item # Item Description Price Qty
00931030 Value Chlor Large Tabs - 4lbs Pool Chlorine $17.99
00931089 Value Chlor Large Tabs - 8lbs Pool Chlorine $35.99
00931097 Value Chlor Large Tabs - 15lbs Pool Chlorine $47.99
00931170 Value Chlor Large Tabs - 25lbs Pool Chlorine $59.99
00931162 Value Chlor Large Tabs - 40lbs Pool Chlorine $87.99

3" Chlorine Tablets

Suncoast Value Chlor® Chlorine Tablets

Suncoast Value Chlor 3" Chlorine Tablets dissolve slowly but completely to maintain proper free available chlorine levels necessary for keeping swimming pools healthy. These stabilized jumbo chlorine tablets provide 90% available chlorine.  

Pinch A Penny provides the highest-quality 3" chlorine tablets at the lowest prices! Easy to use and budget-friendly, these 3 inch chlorine tabs:

  • Are extremely effective in all types of swimming pools, including Intex® above ground pools, other types of above ground pools, and all types of inground pools.

  • Are perfect for floating chlorinators and automatic feeders

  • Contain 99% active ingredient (Trichloro-S-Triazinetrione), 90% available chlorine (trichlor)

  • Are slow-dissolving, stabilized chlorinating tablets

  • Are UV-protected for extended chlorine life

  • Offer easy maintenance - place one or two chlorine tablets in a pool chlorinator each week

Directions for Use

Do not handle chlorine products with bare hands.  Use gloves or thoroughly clean, dry utensils. 

Daily: Adjust the chlorine dispensing rate of the floater or inline feeder to provide 2.0-4.0 ppm of free chlorine residual as determined by a reliable test kit. The initial startup and weekly maintenance dosage is one to three tablets per 10,000 gallons although this dosage may vary due to unusual conditions such as heavy bather loads, wind, heavy rains, and high temperatures; therefore, frequent use of a reliable test kit is recommended. Use the test kit as a guide to maintain the pH at 7.4-7.6 and total alklalinity at 80-130 ppm. Pool chlorinating tablets are intended for use in a floater or in-line feeder only. Do not add these tablets directly to the pool or mix with any other chemicals. Re-entry into treated swimming pools is prohibited above levels of 3 ppm of chlorine.