Floating Chlorine Dispenser, Derby Dolphin

Floating Chlorine Dispenser, Derby Dolphin
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35410125 Derby Dolphin Floating Pool Chlorinator

Derby Dolphin™ Floating Chlorinator

by GAME™ Pool Products

  • For pools over 10,000 gallons

  • Holds 3" chlorine tablets

  • Adjustable flow rate

  • Expandable basket

Instructions for Swimming Pool Floating Chlorine Dispensers

Here's how to prepare the Derby Dolphin chlorinator for effective and continuous use:

  1. Extend the lower basket.  Rotate the lower basket to show the correct number of chemical flow holes that correspond to the pool's volume in gallons. 

  2. Fill the basket with at least three (maximum of six) slow-dissolving type Tri-Chloro tabs.  Never mix chemicals.  See separate warnings, handling instructions and directions by chemical manufacturer.  Secure basket to top.     

  3. Place chlorinator in swimming pool.  Do not throw the chlorinator into the pool as it may alter the adjustment.  After 24 hours of use, check the chlorine residual with a reliable test kit to ensure the reading is between 1.50 and 3.0 parts per million (ppm).  If the reading is lower or higher, rotate the basket to open or close additional flow holes.  Repeat water testing 24 hours later and open or close additional holes until a satisfactory chlorine residual is obtained. 

  4. Completely drain water from the chlorinator when removing it from the swimming pool.  As a safety precaution, remove the unit when the pool/spa is in use. 

Note: The chlorinator may tip when the chlorine tablets have dissolved, indicating that it may need to be refilled.  Keep out of reach of children; this is not intended as a toy.