FishKicks Kickboard

FishKicks Kickboard
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T025310S Shark Fishkicks Kickboard
T025310O Octopus Fishkicks Kickboard
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FishKicks Kickboard

for Swim Training

Part of Step Four in the Swim Steps Program

  • This fun kickboard features new eye-rolling action!  The eye wiggles as the board moves across the pool.

  • This full-sized fiberclad kickboard is strong and durable.

  • Choose from two cool styles - shark or octupus. 

  • Ages 5+; adult supervision required.

While no swim training product can replace alert adult supervision when your child is in or near the pool, the Swim Steps program by Swimways offers products for all skill levels, making it easy to you to share your love of the pool with your child and help your child gain confidence in the water.

 Swim Step 1: Water Introduction

Learning to love the water! Swim Step 1 supports young children as they are introduced to the pool, helping them stay comfortable and happy.

 Swim Step 2: Water Exploration

Swim Step 2 provides support while your child learns to balance and paddle – important pre-swimming skills.

 Swim Step 3: Swim Training

Swim Step 3’s graduated support gives parents the tools children need to feel empowered in the pool.  It’s training wheels for the water! 

 Swim Step 4: Swimming

Swim Step 4 combines comfortable security and freedom of movement to provide extra support and your child gains confidence in her or his swimming abilities.