Aquaglow Underwater Light Starship

Aquaglow Underwater Light Starship
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35412428 Underwater Starship Pool Light

Underwater Pool Light

The Underwater Pool Light Show offers a large size with a rotating device adding unique lighting effects as well as a custom auto-off timer so that your pool will be transformed into a galaxy of light and color that's out of this world!

Watch the fun and excitement take off as the dynamic pool light show orbits rotating patterns of color and light that fill your pool or spa.

  • Ten light shows; five with rotation

  1. Colors flash randomly (default)

  2. Colors rotate and flash randomly

  3. Two colors flash together

  4. All colors rotate and two flash together

  5. Colors fade from one to the next

  6. Colors rotate and fade from one to the next

  7. All colors stay on continuously

  8. All colors rotate and stay on continuously

  9. Cycles randomly through non-rotating shows

  10. Cycles randomly through rotating shows

  • Auto shut-off after one, two or three hours (your choice)

  • Requires four (4) AA batteries (not included)

  • Product Dimensions: 7.42" Diameter x 6.25" Height