Hayward DE Pool Filter EC-40

Hayward DE Pool Filter EC-40
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04400222 Hayward 40 GPM Perflex DE Pool Filter Only

Hayward PerFlex DE Pool Filter

DE Pool Filters Remove Dirt that is 100 Times Smaller than a Grain of Salt!

The Hayward® PerFlex® Extended-Cycle DE Pool Filter provides the deepest swimming pool cleaning possible, removing microscopic particles and dust as small as 1 micron - 100 times smaller than a grain of salt - from your pool water! 

DE PerFlex Pool Filters are proven economical and reliable, providing superior water quality from the following features:

  • No backwashing - "bumping" activates the Flex Tubes™, repositioning dirt and D.E. within the pool filter

  • Traps algae

  • Efficient one-pass cleaning power

  • Easy access clamp assembly

  • Uniquely designed to expel any air that may be present in the system through the filtered water returning to the pool

  • Extended pool filter cleaning cycles

  • Designed to turn over 24,000 gallons of pool water in 10 hours

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