Liquid Chlorine, 2.5 Gal.

Liquid Chlorine, 2.5 Gal.
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Liquid Chlorine

Liquid chlorine is the most popular, least expensive, and most effective type of unstabilized chlorine. We offer the freshest and strongest liquid chlorine on the market in our Pinch A Penny pool supply stores. Liquid chlorine is available in refillable 2.5 gallon containers and is best for shocking and helpful with algae control.

When it's time to shock your pool, go for the gold - Pinch A Penny's Suncoast Gold™, that is! Selling more liquid chlorine than any other pool supplies company in the world, Pinch A Penny fills its chlorine jugs daily at each and every store, which means our liquid chlorine is always fresher - and fresher means stronger. When you use Suncoast Gold, you can be certain that you are using the strongest, most effective liquid chlorine available.