Natural Chemistry Cover Free Qt.

Natural Chemistry Cover Free Qt.
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85020113 Natural Chemistry Cover Free 32oz

Natural Chemistry® COVERfree™

COVERfree Saves Water, Heat, & Money!

Natural Chemistry COVERfree is an advanced mono-layer technology that helps save water and money by decreasing evaporation and heat loss.

Natural Chemistry COVERfree:

  •  Not affected by typical pool water pH or temperature.

  • Offers excellent surface tension to help the product remain in place.

  • Decreases evaporation, saving water and money.

  • Helps conserve hundreds of gallons of pool water.

  • Provides an invisible barrier that conserves water and heating energy.

Natural Chemistry COVERfree Directions for Use:

  1. Shake product vigorously.

  2. With circulation system running, add 4oz.per 675 sq. ft. of surface area, assuming  an average pool depth of 4 feet (20,000 gallons) per week.

Note: Skimmer application is preferred,however, COVERfree can be added directly to pool water.

Important: Circulation system must be running for either application.

Note:If you have high amounts of water loss from swimmers, draining etc, feel free to re-dose sooner.