Natural Chemistry Metal Free

Natural Chemistry Metal Free
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85020048 Natural Chemistry Metal Free 1 Liter

Natural Chemistry® Metal Free™

Helps prevent metal based staining in pool water without increasing phosphate levels

Use Natural Chemistry Metal Free when metals are present, with stain removers, and as a weekly preventative.

  • A powerful chelating agent; deactivates stain-causing metals including iron and copper.

  • Recommended for saltwater pools.

  • Not affected by typical pool water pH or temperature.

  • Prevents surface staining and water discoloration caused by metals.

  • Will not add unwanted phosphates to swimming pool water.

  • Compatible with all sanitizing systems except biguanides.

  • Compatible with all pool surfaces.

Natural Chemistry MetalFree Directions for Use

Directions for use:  This product is designed for use in properly balanced pool water.

Initial Dose:  Add 1 bottle per 20,000 gallons to the pool water evenly around the edge. 

Weekly Maintenance Dose:  Each week, add 1 capful (4 oz.) per 10,000 gallons to the pool water evenly around the edge.

Note: Take caution to not spill or splash METALfree on deck or coping.

About Pool Stains from Metals

To test a pool stain for metals, place a Vitamin C tablet (must be pure Vitamin C, not a multi-vitamin) directly on the stain. Allow the tablet to dissolve (brushing is not necessary). If the pool stain underneath the tablet has been lightened or removed once the tablet dissolves, it is a stain caused by metals. 

If you follow a stain removal procedure for pool stains caused by metals and the metal stains keep coming back to your swimming pool, there may have been metal particles in your water when you re-introduced chlorine to your pool. If you add chlorine to pool water that contains trace amounts of metals, the metals will be oxidized and could re-stain the pool surface. Frequently testing pool metal levels, especially before adding chlorine, will give you a chance to prevent re-staining.