Natural Chemistry Pool First Aid

Natural Chemistry Pool First Aid
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00970053 Natural Chemistry Pool First Aid 2 Liter

Natural Chemistry®

Pool First Aid™

Clears up problem water, removes non-living waste, and makes dull pool water sparkle!

Use Pool First Aid to eliminate dead algae, restore water from vandalism, and get rid of pollen on water surface.

  • A powerful pool problem-solver ideal for fast clean-up of dead algae, pollen, vandalism and other forms of non-living organic  water contamination.

  • Removes paint, oil, suntan oil / lotion, and diesel and other petroleum products.

  • Reduces waterline buildup/waterline ring, cloudy water, and clogged pool filters, all without scrubbing!

  • Frees pool filter of oil and other organic build-up.

  • Combines a concentrated enzyme with an organic polymer clarifier for crystal-clear water

  • No product works better for emergency swimming pool clean-up!

  • Natural cleaning solution healthy for people and for the planet. 

Natural Chemistry Pool First Aid Directions for Use

Be sure water chemistry is balanced. If chemistry is balanced, you can use Pool First Aid every two days until clarity is restored. You will begin seeing results after 48 hours (in colder water temperatures more time may be needed).

  1. Pour Pool First Aid into the pool water evenly around the edge of the pool at a rate of 2oz per 1,000 gallons. One capful treats 2,000 gallons.

  2. It is recommended to keep the circulation running for 48 hours after application.

  3. Do not shock during this 48 hour time period.

Important: If water temperature is below 70°F, Pool First Aid will work more slowly so allow more time for results.

Recommendations: Use every two days until the pool is crystal clear. Apply directly to waterline to quickly remove any existing waterline buildup.