Natural Chemistry Spa Perfect

Natural Chemistry Spa Perfect
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00970251 Natural Chemistry Spa Perfect 16 oz
00970301 Natural Chemistry Spa Perfect 1-Liter

Natural Chemistry® Spa Perfect™

The SMARTZyme technology in Spa Perfect wastes no time breaking down non-living organic waste. A small amount of Natural Chemistry's enzymes can treat large amounts of water.  This is due to their ability to bind to non-living organic contaminants and reduce them to smaller and smaller parts.  Enzymes break down non-living organic wastes to their original components such as carbon dioxide and water.

Spa Perfect contains SMARTZyme® technology that powerfully yet gently biodegrades body oils, cosmetics, suntan oils, and other non-living organics. Spa Perfect is also a continuous cartridge filter cleaner. Since gunk and oils don't buildup, it helps to extend filter run cycles.

  • Results in crystal clear spa water.

  • Reduces foaming caused by oils and cosmetics introduced by bathers.

  • Works as a perpetual filter cleaner.

  • Eliminates unpleasant chemical odors.

  • Prevents waterline ring and surface oils.

  • Specifically formulated for hot water.

  • Broad spectrum enzymes to eliminate non-living organic buildup

Note: Sanitizer level should be below 5ppm before adding this product.

Natural Chemistry Spa Perfect Directions for Use

Directions for use:

This product is designed for use in properly balanced spa water.

Add 1 oz. per 100 gallons of spa water per week.  One capful per week treats a 400 gallon spa. Add twice per week during periods of heavy use. Do not add with or immediately after shocking.