Natural Chemistry Spa Perfect

Natural Chemistry Spa Perfect
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00970251 Natural Chemistry Spa Perfect 16 oz
00970301 Natural Chemistry Spa Perfect 1-Liter

Natural Chemistry® Spa Perfect

Spa Perfect contains SMARTZyme technology that powerfully yet gently biodegrades body oils, cosmetics, suntan oils, and other organics. Spa Perfect is also a continuous cartridge filter cleaner. Since scum and oil don't build up, soaking with chemicals and acids is rarely required.

Spa Perfect is formulated to eliminate and prevent excessive foaming. SMARTZyme technology wastes no time breaking down organic materials. A small amount of Natural Chemistry's enzymes can treat large amounts of water due to their ability to bind to organic contaminants and reduce them to smaller and smaller parts, breaking them down to their original components such as carbon dioxide and water.

  • Broad spectrum to eliminate all organic buildup

  • Specifically formulated for hot water

  • Prevents scum line and surface oils

  • Reduces the demand on sanitizers and chemicals

  • Eliminates unpleasant chemical odors

  • Works as a perpetual filter cleaner

  • Reduces foaming

  • Makes spa water feel soft and silky

Natural Chemistry Spa Perfect Directions for Use

  1. Use 1oz (30ml) per 100 gallons (380L) of spa water per week

  2. Use twice per week during periods of heavy use

  3. Do not use with or immediately after shocking

  4. Can use spa directly after use

Note: One capful (4oz) per week treats a 400 gallon (1,500L) spa.