Natural Chemistry Spa Purge

Natural Chemistry Spa Purge
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85020014 Natural Chemistry Spa Purge 1 Liter

Natural Chemistry® Spa Purge

Natural Chemistry Spa Purge is a spa plumbing cleaner that cleans where you can't to remove built-up non-living organic waste deposits from spa plumbing. It is easy and safe to use both on portable hot tubs and in jetted tubs in the home. 

  • Cleans where you can’t.

  • Helps prevent spa water cloudiness.

  • Use before each draining of spa.

  • Perfect for jetted bathtubs too.

  • Removes built-up non-living organic waste.

  • Cleans up non-living organic contaminants such as oils, lotions, cosmetics, and hair products in spa water.

Tip:  To help prevent future buildup of non-living organic waste, use Spa Perfectweekly.  

Natural Chemistry Spa Purge Directions for Use

Directions for use:

 For Jetted Tubs:

  1. Fill tub with hot water 1" above the jets.

  2. Add 1/2 bottle of Spa Purge.

  3. Turn jets on for 5 minutes (some foaming will occur).

  4. Turn jets off and let sit for at least 5 hours.

  5. Turn jets on to flush the system.

  6. Drain tub & clean surface as needed.


Spa/Hot Tubs

  1. Remove cartridge filter elements.

  2. With spa water temperature at 95 degrees or higher and circulation running, add entire contents of bottle to spa water.

  3. Run jets for a minimum of 5 minutes.   Note: If foaming becomes excessive, turn jets off.  Some foaming is expected during the purge process.

  4. Maintain water temperature at 95 degrees and allow spa to circulate overnight with jets off.

  5. Drain and rinse/clean out the surfaces of the spa.  Refill the spa water and reinstall the filter elements.

  6. Proceed with normal spa maintenance.