Natural Chemistry Spa Purge

Natural Chemistry Spa Purge
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85020014 Natural Chemistry Spa Purge 1 Liter

Natural Chemistry® Spa Purge

Natural Chemistry Spa Purge is a spa plumbing cleaner that restores spa plumbing to original condition. Spa Purge cleans where you can't to remove built-up organic waste deposits from all spa plumbing. Easy and very safe to use. 

  • Cleans up organic contaminants like oils, lotions, cosmetics, hair products and sweat concentrate in spa water

  • Removes built-up organic waste

  • Restores spa plumbing to original condition

  • Cleans where you can’t

  • Helps prevent spa water foaming and cloudiness

  • Use before each draining of spa

  • Perfect for jetted bathtubs too

Natural Chemistry Spa Purge Directions for Use

  1. Remove cartridge filter elements

  2. With spa water temperature at 95 degrees or higher, add entire contents of 1L Spa Purge bottle to spa water

  3. Run jets a minimum of 5 minutes. (Note: if excessive foaming occurs, turn jets off)

  4. Maintain water temperature and allow spa to circulate overnight with jets off

  5. Drain, rinse and then re-fill spa and re-install filter elements; proceed with normal spa maintenance

Spa Purge is highly recommended for use in jetted tubs. The following is the process for Spa Purge in jetted tubs:

Note: For jetted tubs, use 1/2 bottle of Spa Purge.

  1. Fill the tub so the water is above the jets

  2. Run jets a minimum of 5 minutes (do not allow jets to run too long in order to prevent foam from overflowing the tub)

  3. Let water sit overnight

  4. Drain tub and rinse tub out with warm water