Outdoor Shower, Solar Pool Shower With Base

Outdoor Shower, Solar Pool Shower With Base
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35413202 Outdoor Solar Pool Shower w/ Base

Outdoor Solar Shower with Base

Take warm water outdoor showers with no energy costs!

Enjoy a refreshing outdoor shower in sun-warmed water before and after your swim! This eco-friendly shower soaks up the sun's energy and warms the water inside.  Simply mount this outdoor shower anywhere within reach of a garden hose.  Then hook it up, fill it up, and let the sun go to work! No expensive installation or plumbing required.

  • Easy assembly

  • Swivel shower head

  • Free-standing (when used with base) or mounts to most surfaces

  • Connects to a standard garden hose

  • Hot and cold temperature adjustment

  • Non-corrosive brass and PVC construction

Solar Shower Base

If you don't want to bolt this solar outdoor shower into place, use this easy-to-assemble base.  Lightweight and portable, you can use it to place your outdoor shower anywhere, even on the grass.

  • No in-ground installation required

  • Durable, weather resistant

  • Snap-fit assembly