Pentair / Sta-Rite Max-E-Therm Pool Heater

Pentair / Sta-Rite Max-E-Therm Pool Heater
Item # Item Description Price Qty
79010609 Max-E Therm 200 BTU Propane Gas Pool Heater
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79010658 Max-E Therm 200 BTU Natural Gas Pool Heater
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79010708 Max-E Therm 333 BTU Propane Gas Pool Heater
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79010732 Max-E Therm 333 BTU Natural Gas Pool Heater
79010807 Max-E Therm 400 BTU Propane Gas Pool Heater
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79010757 Max-E Therm 400 BTU Natural Gas Pool Heater

Max-E-Therm® Gas Pool Heater

by Sta-Rite® and Pentair Aquatic Systems®

Get that warm-all-over feeling!

Sure, a beautiful swimming pool looks inviting, but its cold water can keep you high and dry, which is why it pays to have a Max-E-Therm gas pool heater. After all, when the water's just right, you maximize the enjoyment of your pool experience. The fast-heating Max-E-Therm makes your pool irrestible on cool nights. It also allows you to extend your pool season. 

Unlike other pool heaters, Max-E-Therm offers you the latest advances from Sta-Rite: A rustproof exterior, smart electronics and increased energy efficiency. Whether you're looking for quiet relaxation or wild fun, you'll always enjoy your pool in the warm comfort of Max-E-Therm.

  • High efficiency rating makes the Max-E-Therm extremely economical to operate

  • Specially-designed fueling and ignition process permits faster warming of your pool and spa

  • Conveniently-positioned top-mounted control panel is simple to program and easy to read with its large-format digital display

  • Control panel indicator lights pinpoint heater or system conditions, which can save money through faster troubleshooting (if required)

  • Dura-Glas™ housing will not corrode and stands tough against harsh weather

If you want that warm-all-over feeling, choose the Sta-Rite Max-E-Therm pool heater. It's a better choice for a host of reasons.

The Max-E-Therm Pool Heater is an Eco Select™ Brand Product

The Eco Select brand identifies Pentair's "greenest" and most efficient equipment choices. Max-E-Therm pool heaters offer best-in-class energy efficiency. Plus, they are certified for low NO emissions, making them eco-friendly favorites. 

This Pool Heater is Hot!

The Max-E-Therm pool heater is an industry favorite for heating pools and spas. Its sleek, contemporary styling offers pool owners an easy choice over traditional-style pool heaters - those plain-looking, clunky metal boxes just waiting for the rust to set in.   

Rated First In Its Class!

If operating cost was holding you back on a pool heater, you can proceed with confidence - the Max-E-Therm has a best-in-class efficiency rating. 


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