pH Increaser

pH Increaser
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00963025 2lb Ph Plus Pool Water Balance $7.99
00963066 5lb Ph Plus - Pouch/Bag Pool Water Balance $10.99

pH Plus Pool pH Increaser

If pool water pH level tests 7.2 or below, add pH Plus to rapidly increase the pH. When pool water pH is too low:

  • Chlorine dissipates too quickly

  • Swimmers' eyes itch and burn

  • Vinyl pool liners wrinkle and crack

  • Pool water etches plaster

  • Water corrodes pool equipment

Suncoast pH Plus:

  • Raises pH rapidly

  • Prevents erosion or etching of pool surfaces

  • Prevents rapid depletion of chlorine

  • Prevents corrosion of pool parts such as pool pumps, pool filters, pool ladders, etc.

Suncoast pH Plus Directions

Test for pH with a reliable test kit. If the pH is low (7.2 or below) add Suncoast pH Plus according to the chart below. Pre-dissolve the product in a plastic pail and slowly pour around the perimeter of the swimming pool while the circulation system is operating. Allow system to operate for at least one hour after application. Retest the pH. If pH is still low, repeat this process until the pH reaches 7.4 to 7.6.

how to raise pool water ph