Polaris Booster Pump

Polaris Booster Pump
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32021040 Polaris 280, 380, 3900 Pool Booster Pump

Polaris Booster Pool Pump

Booster Pump for Polaris Pressure Pool Cleaners

Booster pump for 280, 380, & 3900 Sport Pool Cleaners

This booster pump for Polaris® pressure pool cleaners delivers high-performance power, quiet operation, and Polaris durability. The PB4-60 is the power behind Polaris!

For more than 20 years, Polaris pressure pool pumps have been the benchmark for powerful Polaris pool cleaner performance. Polaris pressure pool pumps are specifically designed to operate your pool cleaner at optimum cleaning efficiency. The compact, rugged design allows for maximum performance.

Features of the PB4-60 booster pump for Polaris pool cleaners:

  • Ultra high-efficiency 3/4 horsepower motor

  • Easy pump seal replacement

  • Heavy-duty single-piece base

  • Captured backplate nut fasteners

  • Ergonomic drain plug with o-ring

  • Large volute seal o-ring