Pool Blaster Catfish

Pool Blaster Catfish
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11121019 Pool Blaster Catfish

Pool Blaster® Catfish

Battery-Powered Swimming Pool & Spa Vacuum

  • Totally independent of main filter systems

  • Easy to use

  • Lightweight; use by hand or attach to any standard telescopic pole

  • The only pool & spa vacuum that removes leaves, sand, silt and bacteria

  • Cleans all types of pools & spas as well as kiddie pools and Intex® or other inflatable pools

  • No messy hoses or additional pumps

  • Reuseable filter bag removes leaves, sand, and algae

  • Rechargeable battery

Versatility & Power: The Pool Blaster Catfish Has It All!

The Pool Blaster Catfish is unlike any other pool and spa vacuum available today.  Combining a lightweight, portable design with uncompromised suction and cleaning power, this pool vacuum is the ideal tool for any water application.  Small enough to navigate the waters of spas and fountains but strong enough to clean above ground and inground pools, the Catfish can handle the toughest of messes with ease and efficiency. 

Featuring a 7" vacuum head, this pool vac can be used to cover large areas of the pool, or the head can be removed, making the Catfish a powerful spot cleaner able to maneuver into corners and crevices smoothly.  With this pool vacuum, you can clean the parts of your pool that need it quickly and efficiently, saving you time and energy. 

The Pool Blaster Catfish is powered by environmentally safe, rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride batteries, allowing cordless and hoseless operation for up to 45 minutes of continuous use.  This pool vacuum's Max-Cone™ Technology compacts gravel, dirt, leaves, and other types of debris into its easy-to-empty, reusable filter bag. 

Affordable.  Powerful.  Versatile.  There is only one question left: What are you waiting for?  It it time to own the pool vacuum that has it all - the Pool Blaster Catfish! 

Pool Blaster Catfish Specifications

  • Cleaning Coverage: 1102 sq. ft./hr.

  • Run Time: Up to 45 min.

  • Battery: Rechargeable

  • Recharger Included: Yes

  • Vacuum Head Width: 7"

  • Scrubbing Brushes: Yes

  • Crevice Corner Nozzle: Yes

  • Warranty: One year