Pool Blaster Volt FX-8 Pool & Spa Vacuum

Pool Blaster Volt FX-8 Pool & Spa Vacuum
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11121118 Volt FX-8 Pool & Spa Hand Vacuum Battery Operated
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Pool Blaster® Volt FX-8 Vacuum

Battery-Powered Swimming Pool & Spa Vacuum

Pool Blaster® Volt FX-8 pool and spa vacuum works on any surface: concrete, tile, vinyl or fiberglass. The Pool Blaster® Volt FX-8 vacuum is a handheld and extended-reach pool cleaner that cleans every pool area - floors, walls, stairs & steps, on and around ladders, drains, and covers - of any pool, spa, hot tub, or virtually any other water application. The Pool Blaster® Volt FX-8 has an extended debris chamber and larger filter bag so you never have to touch the dirt.

  • Rechargeable Battery.

  • Up to 1 hour of run time.

  • Cleaning Coverage: 2300 sq. ft./hr.

  • Vacuum Head Width: 13".

  • Lightweight and easy to use.

  • Quickly removes all debris - leaves, sand, algae, etc.

  • Totally independent - no hoses or cords needed.

  • Minimum Operating Depth: 7".

  • Warranty: One year.