Pool Brush, Heavy Duty Pro Series

Pool Brush, Heavy Duty Pro Series
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22910459 Pro Series Heavy Duty Wall & Floor Brush $24.99

Pro Series Heavy Duty

Pool Brush

This 18" Pro Series Heavy Duty Wall and Floor Brush for swimming pools, features green poly bristles and a strong stainless steel handle for a long-lasting, durable brush.

Features Include:

  • 18" wide and 4" front to back to make clean up quicker.

  • Ergonomic design makes it easy to move around the pool.  The angle of the stainless steel handle allows for a natural relaxed upright position when brushing the pool.

  • Over 20,000 poly bristles makes this the most effective pool brush. The bristles at the back do most of the work when brushing the pool wall. The front and center bristles comes into action when moving to the floor.

  • The rear bristles also allows the underside of the pool coping to be brushed.

  • The bristles on each end extend beyond the brush frame to access those tight areas and corners of the pool.