Pool Chemicals, Jack's Magic Surface Cleaner

Pool Chemicals, Jack's Magic Surface Cleaner
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00990135 Surface Magic 2 Oz.

Jack's Magic Surface Cleaner

Jack's Magic Pool Surface Cleaner is a great way to rid your pool of any annoying floating debris, such as grass clippings, leaves, dirt, or any other contaminants. This saves you from having to use a hand skimmer to try and grab the debris, saving you time and considerable frustration. Jack's Magic Surface Cleaner is an easy to use liquid, which allows the floating debris to drop to the bottom of the swimming pool for easy removal by vacuum or filtration.

Directions for Use:

  • Turn off pool pump.

  • Apply 2 drops per 100 square foot of water surface.

  • Allow 10-15 minutes to clean treated water surface.

  • If there is a heavy layer of debris on the surface of the pool water, a second treatment may be necessary.