Pool Cleaner, Inground Zodiac MX8 Elite

Pool Cleaner, Inground Zodiac MX8 Elite
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52520350 MX8 Elite Auto Pool Cleaner
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Zodiac MX8™ Elite

Inground Pool Cleaner

The Zodiac MX8™ Elite is the first suction pool cleaner with Cyclonic Scrubbing Brushes that continually spin, scrub, and stay in constant contact with pool surfaces to agitate and remove stuck-on debris. The MX8™ Elite features aggressive wall climbing to scrub at the tile line and maX-Drive Navigation for better pool coverage with nimble programmed maneuverability. This low-flow, energy-efficient suction cleaner delivers a thorough, comprehensive clean that outpaces other premium mechanical suction cleaners.

Features Include:

  • The Low-flow Energy Efficient Design performs with variable-speed pumps and solar installations.

  • The Flow Regulator Valve automatically controls excess water flow for optimal performance.

  • The Cyclonic Scrubbing Action tackles fine and stuck-on debris.

  • maX-Drive Navigation delivers advanced 360-degree programming patterns.

  • Larger Debris Consumption that allows for larger debris consumption.

  • A Wide Cleaning Path for quicker, more comprehensive coverage.

  • Replaceable Scrubbing Brushes  that are easily removed when worn or dirty.

  • Dual-Cyclonic Suction delivers extreme wall climbing ability.

  • Twist-Lock Hose - Reaches 39' with secure section connections.