Pool Cleaner Orbit Automatic for Inground Pools

Pool Cleaner Orbit Automatic for Inground Pools
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16150054 Orbit Automatic (Head Only) IG Pool Cleaner

Orbit Automatic Pool Cleaner for Inground Pools

Perfect for pool owners who already have hoses!  Comes with hose weights and flow control valve.

  • Perfect for all types of inground pools

  • Superb balance ensures best possible performance

  • Super Flex Deflector Wheel improves coverage and reduces sticking

  • Scallop disc gives excellent suction profile for best movement around the pool

  • Flow Control Valve ensures your Orbit pool cleaner receives the flow required to ensure optimum performance

  • Diaphragm Drive provides strong engine power using proven technology

  • One-piece body for maximum strength and durability

  • 1-year limited warranty

Note: This automatic pool cleaner comes with a deflector wheel, which is especially useful in keeping the cleaner from getting hung up in inground pools with tight corners.  The Deflector Wheel helps guide your Orbit pool cleaner around these obstacles. 

Note: Head Only; No Hose. 

Caring for Your Orbit Pool Cleaner

  • Remove pool cleaner before using pool chemical treatments.  Wait a minimum of four hours after super chlorination / pool shock treatments before reinstalling the pool cleaner.

  • Clean the filter, skimmer basket, and pump basket regularly.

  • When not in use, keep the Orbit pool cleaner disc flat to avoid warping.