Pool Control, Hayward On Command Automation System

Pool Control, Hayward On Command Automation System
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04433017 Hayward OnCommand Control Base w/Remote

Hayward® OnCommand® Pool Control Automation System

Save up to 75% on your pool's energy costs!

OnCommand, 2 actuators, 6-function remote, wireless antenna

Automate basic pool and spa functions and save up to 75% on your pool's energy costs.  Automating your variable-speed pump can save you up to $1,200 per year by maximizing water flow while minimizing energy consumption.  Use Hayward's energy calculator to estimate your savings from using this pool control.

Choose OnCommand when you don't need an electrical subpanel on your pool pad.  OnCommand brings the luxury of automating pool and spa functions to pool owners who thought automation was unaffordable.  If you don't need a power subpanel on your pool pad, this is your pool control!  It's the perfect retrofit solution for pool owners who want to add automation to their existing pools. 

It doesn't matter how simple or elaborate your pool is - they're all made to for relaxation, not to make more work for you.  The OnCommand gives you a full range of automation features, allowing you to control pool, spa, and other backyard functions, such as your landscape lighting, automatically or with just the touch of a button.  Imagine how much easier life will be when your pump, filter, heater, cleaner, lighting, and even water features operate automatically! 

  • Ideal entry-level pool automation for pools and spas

  • Intuitive programming with an easy-to-read display

  • Automates up to four features, three valves, heater and solar controls

  • Six-button wireless remote, Aqua Pod

  • Pool and spa light dimming relays

  • Automated schedules for off-peak electrical rates

  • Up to 75% energy savings when using the pool control for a two- or variable-speed pump

  • Three-year limited warranty

What Else Can You Manage with This Pool Control?

Nearly anything in your backyard, including:

  • filters, salt chlorinators, and automatic pool cleaners

  • spa jets and blowers, UV systems, and solar heating

  • LED and incandescent pool and spa lights, outdoor porch lighting, landscape lighting, floodlights, and bug lights

  • sprinklers, non-attached water features, and pond pumps

  • music stereo system, fire pit, actuated valves and more! 

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