Pool Filter, Hayward SwimClear Cartridge Filter

Pool Filter, Hayward SwimClear Cartridge Filter
Item # Item Description Price Qty
04433132 SwimClear 100 Sq. Ft. Cartridge Filter
04433140 SwimClear 150 Sq. Ft. Cartridge Filter
04433157 SwimClear 200 Sq. Ft. Cartridge Filter

Hayward SwimClear™ Cartridge Pool Filter

Hayward SwimClear™ Cartridge Pool Filters captures more dirt for superior crystal water clarity. Easy to service and reducing energy costs makes the SwimClear™ Pool Cartridge Filter the perfect choice for pool owners!

Features Include:

  • Can be used for both new and after market installations.

  • Captures more dirt for superior water clarity without the need of any supplemental media.

  • Greater hydraulic efficiency allows pump to run at lower speeds reducing energy costs.

  • Ergonomic grip handles.

  • Easy-Lok™ ring design allows quick access to internal components for ease of maintenance.

  • Recessed pressure gauge and manual air relief enables users to place head assembly upside on pool pad protecting the seal from contamination.

  • 2" x 2 1/2" union connections for fast and easy installation and servicing.