Pool Filter, Posi-Clear Cartridge Filter

Pool Filter, Posi-Clear Cartridge Filter
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79010518 Pentair Posi-Clear RP Cartidge Filter 100 sq ft
79010534 Pentair Posi-Clear RP Cartidge Filter 150 sq ft

 Cartridge Pool Filter

Posi-Clear™ RP Cartridge Pool Filter

Efficient and Carefree....By Design

The Posi-Clear RP Cartridge Pool Filter delivers top-of-the-line cartridge performance to keep pools sparkling clear, trapping particles as small as 20 microns (an average grain of sand is 1,000 microns). The ultimate in convenience, this cartridge pool filter delivers refreshingly clear pool water.

The Posi-Clear RP cartridge pool filter's unique side-entry design optimizes flow for greater energy effiency - nearly 50% greater than any other single cartridge filter on the market. It features an easily-cleaned cartridge for the ultimate in carefree pool filtration. The fiberglass-reinforced tank halves are secured with an innovative clamp ring - just loosen the ring and remove the top half for easy cartridge access and rinsing. Filter maintenance doesn't get any easier!

  • Single-piece fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene tank for strength and corrosion resistance

  • Nearly 50% more efficient than other single cartridge filters

  • Innovative lock-ring opens and closes easily with no tools and requires only an easy half-revolution for a safe, leak-proof seal

  • 2" x 2-1/2" plumbing for maximum flow; unique side entry maximizes energy efficiency

  • 1-1/2" drain cap and washout for quick and convenient maintenance and winterization

  • High-flow manual relief air valve

  • As one of Pentair's most environmentally responsible equipment choices, earned the Pentair® Eco Select® Brand 

  • One-year limited warranty

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