Pool Floor Padding and Cove

Pool Floor Padding and Cove
Item # Item Description Price Qty
64600182 Perfect Pool Bottom 18' Round W/Pool Cove
64615305 Perfect Pool Bottom 15' X 30' Oval W/Pool Cove
64600240 Perfect Pool Bottom 24' Round W/Pool Cove

Perfect Pool Bottom and Cove

For Above Ground Pools

The Perfect Pool Bottom Pool Pad can add years of life to a pool and its pool liner. Made with a hard flat impervious polymer material, Perfect Pool Bottom Pad provides a smooth bottom and a puncture-resistant barrier that helps protect a swimming pool's liner.  Packaged together with the right amount of Gladon's patented Pool Cove precut to fit your Above Ground Pool creates a smooth pool surface for the ultimate in clean ability.

 Features Include:

  • No special skills or tools needed for an easy installation.

  • Protects pool liner.

  • Reduces the need for sand.

  • Acts as a vapor barrier under the liner.

  • Super smooth pool bottom.

  • Stops nutgrass.

  • No footprints.

  • Chemically resistant to acid and other chemicals found in soil.

  • Packaged with Gladon's lightweight pre-formed Pool Cove eliminates the need to build a cove on site.

  • Gladon's Pool Cove cannot wash out and doesn't hold corrosion causing moisture against the metal parts at the bottom of your pool.

  • 10 year Limited Warranty.