Pool Salt, Salinity Coarse Pool Salt 40 LBS

Pool Salt, Salinity Coarse Pool Salt 40 LBS
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00950030 Salinity Coarse Pool Salt 40lbs $8.49
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Pool Salt

Salinity® Pool Salt, available at your local Pinch A Penny pool supplies store, is a high-purity and fast-dissolving salt designed for use in swimming pools that are equipped with salt chlorine generators or automatic sanitizer systems. This pool salt is free of additives that can cause pool stains. This pool salt helps generate the free chlorine necessary to maintain your saltwater pool. 

  • High-purity pool salt

  • Fast-dissolving crystals

  • Free of stain-causing additives

  • Eliminates negative effects of chlorine (irritation to eyes and skin and faded clothing)

Note: Not for use in water softeners.

Directions for Use

This product is intended for systems that require direct application of salt to pool water. Follow your chlorinator manufacturer's directions for the best method of salt application. Each 40-lb. bag will add 480 ppm (parts per million) of salt to 10,000 gallons of pool water.

For new pools: Follow builder's recommendations for pool start-up.

For existing pools: Measure existing salt in pool and add only the amount necessary to bring that level up to recommendation. Prior use of chlorine and other chemicals can result in residual chlorine content.

Conduct regular pool water testing and seek additional additives as required to maintain proper water balance in your pool.

Guide for 40-Lb. Bags of Salinity Pool Salt Required to Achieve Recommended Salt Level

pool salt chart