Pool Shock, Vinyl Liners

Pool Shock, Vinyl Liners
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00920967 Suncoast Vinyl 10oz bag Pool Shock - Single $2.79

Suncoast Vinyl Pool Shock

This swimming pool shock is specially formulated for vinyl pools. Our vinyl pool shock requires no pre-mixing, dissolves quickly with no residue, and won't fade your pool's vinyl liner.  Excellent for routine pool shock treatments throughout the season. This pool shock can also be used in concrete pools.  56% available chlorine, 99%  sodium dichlor.  Suncoast pool shock for vinyl pools comes in 10 oz. bags; one 10-ounce bag treats 6,200 gallons of pool water. 

This pool shock can be used in all types of pools, but it's specifically designed so it won't bleach or damage your swimming pool liner. Use in place of Super Pool Shock to keep your pool liner looking new and vibrant!

Shocking your swimming pool in addition to diligent use of the right amount of chlorine is an important part of your pool maintenance program. Pool shock helps product the vibrant, fresh, shining swimming pool that makes you, your family, and your guests want to jump right in for a swim.  It also prevents algae bloom and murky water. 

Because of its preventative effects, you still need to apply pool shock treatments even when pool water looks clear and chlorine is consistently used.  If you don't make pool shock part of your regular maintenance plan, the following problems will result:

  • A general dull or dirty pool water appearance, even before more obvious problems occur

  • An unpleasant swimming experience due to red, irritated eyes or a strong chlorine smell (which actually comes from chloramine, chlorine that no longer has sanitizing properties)

  • An unattractive pool due to cloudy water, algae growth, or both