Pool Skimmer Net, Pro Flexi-Frame

Pool Skimmer Net, Pro Flexi-Frame
Item # Item Description Price Qty
02131654 Pro Flexi-Frame Skimmer net fits Standard Rnd Pole $17.99

Pro Flexi-Frame Pool Skimmer Net

Perfect for collecting debris from the pool surface!

The unique Flexi-Frame on this pool skimmer net adapts to your pool shape, bending around steps and ladders, and regaining its shape when you're done cleaning your pool!  The Pro Flexi-Frame Skimmer Net fits a standard round pole. 

This pool skimmer net has truly unique characteristics: The strength of the wishbone frame combined with the flexibility of the overmolded inner frame allows the front of the net's frame to adapt to the shape of your pool. 

Now, you can easily access formerly hard-to-reach areas of your pool, such as around steps, around ladders, and in tight corners, allowing you to pick up leaves, twigs, and small stones speedily and safely.  The patented means of connecting the net material to the skimmer's frame makes it super-strong and durable. Measures 11" high x 13" wide with a net depth of 1-1/4".