Porpoise Pro Series 8'-16' Tele Pole

Porpoise Pro Series 8'-16' Tele Pole
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02131407 Toggle Lock Adapter f/ Traditional Accessories $4.99

Pro Series 8'-16' Telescopic Pole

The Porpoise Pro Series 8'-16' Telescopic  Pole with Toggle Lock  is a ribbed pole made exclusively for swimming pools. It has an ergonomic hand grip for added comfort, extra strength and control. A special rounded end, the result of extensive studies of users, makes using the pole better than every before. Perfect for use with any size pool!

This telescopic pool pole also has a unique toggle locking mechanism for fast easy adjustments. Adjusting the length of the pole and changing cleaning attachments has never been easier, quicker, or more secure! Includes an adapter for use with non-toggle lock maintenance attachments. Replacement adapter also available.