Porpoise Tele Pole Blue

Porpoise Tele Pole Blue
Item # Item Description Price Qty
97610034 Tele Pole 4' x 8' Blue $14.99
97610018 Tele Pole 6' x 12' Blue $23.99
97610026 Tele Pole 8' x 16' Blue $25.99

Telescopic Pool Pole

The economical but durable Porpoise Telescopic Pole is made with high-quality  aluminum and has positive locking plastic cams and a vinyl handle grip. 1-1/2" diameter pool pole fits standard pool brushes, pool skimmers, pool leaf rakes, pool vacuums, etc. Available in three sizes.

  • Tough aluminum construction that won't corrode or rust and provides years of use

  • Extra-strong external cams and thick hand grip offer easy operation

  • Quick, simple attachment to pool cleaning equipment like skimmers, wall brushes, and vac heads