Revacil Chlorine-Free Sanitizer

Revacil Chlorine-Free Sanitizer
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87320024 Revacil 1/2 Gallon
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Revacil® Sanitizer

The Next Generation of Chlorine-Free Sanitizing

For a crystal-clear, chlorine-free swimming pool

Revacil Sanitizer is a powerful, totally chlorine-free sanitizer and algistat based on a biguanide solution. When used on a weekly basis, Revacil Sanitizer provides crystal-clear swimming pool water without the odor or bleaching effects associated with chlorine.

Revacil Sanitizer is compatible with Baquacil®, SoftSwim® and Clear Comfort.

Dosage for 10,000 gallons (0.5 gal. Bottle)

Start-up: 1 bottle

Maintenance: 1/4 bottle a week

Baquacil® is a registered trademark of Avecia. SoftSwim® is a registered trademark of Biolab Services, Inc.