Safety Vacuum Release System Submerged Style

Safety Vacuum Release System Submerged Style
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57330045 Vac-Alert SVRS Submerge Style

Safety Vacuum Release System

Vac-Alert Model VA-2000S (Submerged Style)

safety vacuum release systemThe Vac-Alert Model VA-2000S is a Safety Vacuum Release System (SVRS) designed for submerged suction applications. Submerged suction in this case means all applications where the circulating pump is below the level of the pool water surface. This SVRS is highly recommended for pumps that operate 24/7.

This Safety Vacuum Release System incorporates a 0.375" diameter orifice opening installed below the surge tube section. This orifice opening is sized to provide a limited amount of pump start-up surge protection while allowing enough air into the piping system to ensure dissipation of the dynamic suction force caused by the circulating pump.

The Model VA-2000S SVRS unit also utilizes a check valve assembly equipped with a 0.25 pound spring and a non-vented poppet (no poppet disc or hole through the poppet). This check valve assembly utilizes a light-duty spring to minimize the sealing force of the check valve. The non-vented poppet ensures that water from the circulating system does not migrate into the SVRS under a positive hydrostatic head condition.