Sand Filter System, SandPRO™

Sand Filter System, SandPRO™
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35414101 Sand Pro 3/4 hp Abv Grnd Pool Filter System

SandPRO™ Sand Pool Filter System

This pool filter system offers quality filtration for above ground pools at a value price point and cleans up to ten times faster than standard cartridge filter systems.  Affordable and efficient, the SandPRO sand filter system outperforms cartridge filter systems and allows above ground pool owners to enjoy the cleaning benefits of a powerful pool pump and multi-port valve. 

  • Ultra quiet and easy to use

  • Self-priming pool pump

  • For pools up to 15,000 gallons (1/2 hp)  or 20,000 gallons (3/4 hp) 

  • INTEX® 2 1/4" hose adapters included

  • Conventional 32mm, 1 1/4" and 1 1/2" hose fittings included

  • Seven-position multi-port valve

  • Accurate and easy-to-read pressure gauge

  • Hair and lint strainer basket

  • Integrated base plate

  • Compatible with alternative sand products

  • Operates on 110v/60Hz

  • 90 Day limited warranty

How Sand Filtration Works

This pool filter system is designed to use special silica sand to remove dirt particles from pool water.  Filter sand is loaded into the filter tank and functions as a permanent dirt and debris removing medium.  Pool water, which contains dirt particles, is pumped through the intake hose leading from the pool to the filter tank and is directed by the filter control valve to the top of the filter tank.  As water is pumped through the filter sand, dirt particles are trapped by the bed of sand and filtered out.  The cleaned/filtered water is then returned from the bottom of the filter tank, through the control valve and back to the pool through the return hose.  This sequence is continuous and provides total recirculation of pool water through your filter and hose connections. 

After a period of time, the accumulated dirt in the filter causes a resistance to the flow of water and an increase in pump pressure (psi).  When this happens, it is time to clean (backwash) the filter.  To backwash the system, change the valve to the backwash position.  When in backwash mode, the water flow is automatically reversed through the filter so that it is directed to the bottom of the tank, up through the sand, which flushes any trapped dirt and debris out through the waste line.  Once the filter is backwashed and cleaned of dirt, the control valve should be moved to the rinse position to allow the sand to settle.  After rinsing, the filter valve should be changed back to the filtration position to resume normal filtering.