Silencer Air Blower for Outdoor Spas

Silencer Air Blower for Outdoor Spas
Item # Item Description Price Qty
70100003 Silence 1hp 120v Blower
70100052 Silence 1hp 240v Blower
70100102 Silence 1.5hp 120v Blower
70100151 Silence 1.5hp 240v Blower
70100201 Silence 2hp 120v Blower
70100250 Silence 2hp 240v Blower

Spa Air Blower

The Silencer Spa Air Blower enhances your spa experience by using air to create a bubbly, relaxing massaging sensation.

The Silencer spa air blower by Air Supply of the Future, Inc. has taken a quantum leap in quiet performance. The secret to the success of this spa air blower is a unique motor mount. A thick rubber cup encases the fan while allowing the motor to vibrate freely on a flexible rubber base. This combination eliminates noise so well that virtually no foam is required. Many competitive blowers use filter foam to reduce noise, but foam may clog over time, causing starvation and overheating.

Included with each Silencer spa air blower is a durable spring check valve, which is more effective than flapper valves at stopping motor damage.