Smartpool Solarpill Pool Blanket

Smartpool Solarpill Pool Blanket
Item # Item Description Price Qty
91910257 solar ball 4" up to 30k gallons $9.99

Solar Blanket In A Pill

The Solarpill acts like a solar blanket to help prevent heat loss in your pool. One Solarpill works up to 30 days.

  • Places an invisible layer of film over your pool's surface, reducing heat loss

  • Works like a conventional solar blanket, but without the hassle

  • Easy-to-use.....simply drop in the pool's skimmer basket (the Solarpill will empty itself after 1-2 days, but will last in your pool up to 30 days.)

  • Patented time release delivery system for complete coverage

  • Will not be affected by automatic pool cleaners

  • Saltwater compatible

  • Non-toxic, biodegradable