Spa Chemicals, Solus Bromine Spa Kit

Spa Chemicals, Solus Bromine Spa Kit
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00922971 Solus Bromine Spa Kit $36.99

Solus Bromine Spa Chemical Kit

This bromine spa chemical kit includes:

  • Quick Shot Bromine Booster: Establishes a quick bromide reserve in spa water

  • Brominating Plus: A bactericide, algaecide, and disinfectant with no chlorine odor

  • Metal Gon: Helps prevent metal staining and corrosion

  • pH Up: Raises the pH in your spa

  • pH Down: Lowers the pH in your spa

  • Spa Descaler: Helps prevent the formation of scale buildup on spa surfaces and equipment

  • Spa Foam Down: Eliminates annoying foam from your spa quickly and easily

  • Chlorine Free Oxidizer: An oxidizing spa shock with no chlorine odor

  • Spa Clarifier: A fast-acting clarifier that aids in the removal of dirt, organics and oils

  • Bromine Test Strips

  • Bromine Floating Dispenser

  • Solus Spa Care Guide