Speedo America Sprint Goggle

Speedo America Sprint Goggle
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04120259 Sprint Goggle Smoke
04120317 Sprint Goggle Clear

Speedo® Sprint Swim Goggles

Speedo Sprint Swim Goggles from the Performance Series are perfect for long training workouts. These goggles have streamlined features with an emphasis on comfort and fit. Durable materials and construction make them perfect for daily swimming exercise.

  • Soft-cushion neoprene seals

  • Low-profile design

  • Adjustable nose piece

  • Silicone headstrap

  • UV protection

  • Latex-free

Speedo Goggle Tips

  • Achieve the perfect goggle fit by pressing the goggles to your eyes until there is a slight suction effect. If the goggle sticks to your face momentarily, this indicates a good fit.

  • Proper adjustment of the nose piece is essential for both comfort and a watertight seal. To avoid water intake, slide the lenses closer together or further apart until the fit is perfect.

  • With goggles in position on face, stretch the headstrap over the back of the head. The headstrap should rest on the crown of the head at a 45-degree angle to prevent leakage. Adjust the tension of the headstrap until a comfortable fit is achieved. Tighter is not necessarily better, as this may cause marking around the eyes. If leakage occurs, continue to make adjustments.

  • To obtain the maximum benefits and longest use from these swim goggles, keep the lenses free from dirt and oil. Wash gently in cool water after each use and allow to air dry. Chlorine left on goggles can damage lenses and straps. Protect the lenses by storing goggles in packaging or soft case. Do not leave goggles in direct sunlight. Do not touch or rub the inside of the lenses.