Stop Stains

Stop Stains
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Suncoast Chemicals Stop Stains

Pool Stain Treatment

Helps remove iron scale, copper stains, oxidized copper stains, copper scale, and scale

If you're fighting with stubborn swimming pool stains, Suncoast® Chemicals Stop Stains, a powdered stain treatment, might be just the solution!  Stop Stains helps remove copper, scale, copper scale, oxidized copper, and iron scale from your swimming pool finish.  Suncoast Chemicals Stop Stains works on marcite, gunite, concrete, vinyl, fiberglass, and painted pool surfaces.  Stop Stains Pool Stain Treatment may be used as a single spot treatment or as a total pool treatment. 

Make sure that the following parameters are within these ranges before using Stop Stains  It is also important that the pool water stay within these ranges during the pool stain removal process.  It is recommended that the water be checked at least every two to three days. 

Free Available Chlorine AND Total Available Chlorine

1.0 ppm – 3.0 ppm


7.2 or less

Total Alkalinity

80 ppm or less

Calcium Hardness

400 ppm or less

Stabilizer (Cyanuric Acid)

70 ppm or less

Total Dissolved Solids

1200 ppm or less

Note: Pool heaters and heat pumps must be bypassed prior to a Stop Stains Treatment.  Wear eye protection when mixing. 

Note: Treatment of severe staining or scale may take a week or more and may require additional Stop Stains.  Pool stain treatments may also require the use of a Suncoast metal control product.   

Stain Treatment: Add one pound of Suncoast Chemicals Stop Stains for every 1,000 gallons of pool water.  Pre-dissolve no more than two poinds in a five-gallon plastic pail of water at one time.  Repeat with proportional doses until a dose of one pound per 1,000 gallons of pool water is achieved.  Pour the diluted solution around the edge of the pool at the deep end with the circulation system running.  Add one quart of Suncoast Super Metal Control or Suncoast Ultimate Metal Control per 10,000 gallons of water.  

Brush the stained areas daily to help remove pool stains.  A swimming pool wire brush may be used on marcite/gunite/concrete type surface.  Use only a nylon/plastic bristle brush for vinyl, fiberglass, or painted surfaces.