Stop Yellow Algaecide

Stop Yellow Algaecide
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00920959 Pool Algae Stop Yellow 6oz Bag $4.99
00921007 Stop Yellow 2lb Pool Algae $19.99

Stop Yellow® Algaecide for Pools

Stop Yellow® Algaecide is an excellent algae treatment that removes and prevents algae growth in swimming pools.  Stop Yellow® Algaecide eliminates several types of pool algae, including yellow and mustard algae.  

Controls yellow algae and mustard algae deposits on any type of pool surface - gunite, vinyl, plaster, or fiberglass

  • Fast-acting

  • Dissolves immediately

  • Choose from a six-ounce bag or a two-pound container

Add 4 to 8 oz. of Stop Yellow® algaecide per 10,000 gallons of water.  To activate, add a dose of Super Shock 4-Way or other pool shock treatment.  You will be absolutely amazed at the results!

Note: Stop Yellow® algaecide requires chlorine / pool shock for activation.  After using Stop Yellow® and pool shock, use a suitable water test kit to test for residual chlorine.  Ensure that the chlorine residual is 3 ppm or lower before reeentering the pool.